Business Process Automation Breakout Sessions


Automating your Back Office with Logix Solutions Part I, Billing, Settlements and AutoBilling (Carriers & Brokers)
Learn about McLeod's new Logix Solutions Advanced Billing & Settlements, plus our new AutoBilling capabilities that completely automate the billing cycle.

Automating your Back Office with Logix Solutions Part II, Billing Accelerator and Automated Collections (Carriers & Brokers)
The Logix Solutions Billing Accelerator is designed to do just that. Learn how to speed up your billing cycle. We will also cover the Automated Collections process to speed up your payment cycle. These back office solutions work together to provide the transportation industry's most sophisticated and complete back office automation.

Introduction to DocumentPower and FlowLogix (Carriers & Brokers)
In this session, we will give you a "101" level introduction to the DocumentPower and FlowLogix family of products, including the base DocumentPower imaging system, FlowLogix Workflow, and all of the complimentary elements of this product suite, such as eForms, Logix Apps, Logix Designer, plus the pre-packaged Logix Solutions. This session is intended for current McLeod customers who are not yet using, or not yet familiar with, our imaging and workflow products.

Logix Solutions Business Process Automation for Automating Accounts Payable and Logix Mobile Short Haul Driver App (Carriers & Brokers)
In this session, our Logix Solutions team will introduce the Accounts Payable Automation and the Short Haul Driver App for smart phones.

Logix Solutions For Logistics, Carrier Onboarding and e-Rate Confirmation (Logistics)
Learn about the stand alone McLeod Logix Solutions products that have proven to be huge time and overhead savers for brokers. In this session, we will introduce you to the eRate Confirmation and Carrier Onboarding solutions.

New Capabilities for McLeod FlowLogix (Carriers & Logistics)
In this session, we will introduce some brand new capabilities for McLeod's FlowLogix product.  One new feature will enable FlowLogix developers to build integration with customer shipment portals.  These capabilities can interact in an automated way with web sites to turn website data into data in your system, without all the manual processes and error prone re-entry.  We will also unveil a new API integration capability to allow FlowLogix developers to build web service based API integration into FlowLogix solutions for both McLeod and 3rd party API’s.

Using FlowLogix to Build Your Own Business Process Automation Solutions (Carriers & Brokers)
McLeod FlowLogix, when purchased with the editor, is a powerful tool both carriers and brokers can use to build their own business process automation and workflow solutions. Several McLeod customers will share how they have done this and lessons learned along the way.

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