Financial & Back Office Breakout Sessions


Accounting Idea Exchange (Carriers & Brokers)
In this session, the financial professionals from our current customers are invited to come share their ideas for improving and expanding the system.

ALK (Carriers & Brokers)
Come learn about the latest products and integration solutions from ALK.

Automating your Back Office with Logix Solutions Part I, Billing, Settlements and AutoBilling (Carriers & Brokers)
Learn about McLeod's new Logix Solutions Advanced Billing & Settlements, plus our new AutoBilling capabilities that completely automate the billing cycle.

Automating your Back Office with Logix Solutions Part II, Billing Accelerator and Automated Collections (Carriers & Brokers)
The Logix Solutions Billing Accelerator is designed to do just that. Learn how to speed up your billing cycle. We will also cover the Automated Collections process to speed up your payment cycle. These back office solutions work together to provide the transportation industry's most sophisticated and complete back office automation.

Becoming a Data Driven Transportation Company (Carriers & Brokers)
Learn how using big data can drive big insight and change the way you run your company. In this session, several successful McLeod customers will share with you how analytics are changing they way they work and helping them to make better decisions.

Best Practices for Driving Your Marketing and Organizing Your Sales Efforts with CRM (Carriers & Brokers)
Several McLeod customers will share their approach to running successful marketing campaigns and using McLeod CRM to drive their sales efforts.

Blockchain: What is it and Should You Care? (Carriers & Logistics)
One of the latest buzz items in our industry is Blockchain and what it will really mean for transportation providers. In this session we will cut through the hype, explore what Blockchain really is today, and explore some realistic use cases for the trucking industry. We will also present industry consortium plans to further exploit Blockchain technology.

Carriers, Understanding Trends and Acting on Your KPIs (Carriers)
Several carriers will explain how they use and react to their most important Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) on a daily basis.

Changing Landscape of Asset Management, Leases & Taxes (Carriers & Brokers)
Managing assets and their valuation can affect businesses in multiple ways from Balance Sheet presentation, taxes, and credit lines. The panel of subject matter experts will discuss the changing landscape of FASB rules for Leases & Revenue recognition, Sales and Use tax issues related to Nexus in multiple jurisdictions, general business Tax concerns, and other related areas which impact transportation companies.

Continuous Improvement Programs, How to Make Them Work(Carriers & Brokers)
Several McLeod customers will discuss their journey to implement Continuous Improvement in their company and the gains they have reaped from those efforts.

DAT (Carriers & Brokers)
Come learn about the latest products and integration solutions from DAT.

Introduction to DocumentPower and FlowLogix (Carriers & Brokers)
In this session, we will give you a "101" level introduction to the DocumentPower and FlowLogix family of products, including the base DocumentPower imaging system, FlowLogix Workflow, and all of the complimentary elements of this product suite, such as eForms, Logix Apps, Logix Designer, plus the pre-packeged Logix Solutions. This session is intended for current McLeod customers who are not yet using, or not yet familiar with, our imaging and owrkflow products.

KSM Benchmark Program (Carriers)
In its fourth year, the McLeod/Katz, Sapper & Miller (KSM) benchmark program continues to shed light on the range of operational performance levels against different metrics. In this session, Tim Almack of KSM will share some insights from the 2016 study.

Logistics Companies, The Right KPIs for Your Organization (Logistics)
Several brokers will explain how they use and react to their most important Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) on a daily basis.

Logix Solutions Business Process Automation for Automating Accounts Payable and Logix Mobile Short Haul Driver App (Carriers & Brokers)
In this session, our Logix Solutions team will introduce the Accounts Payable Automation and the Short Haul Driver App for smart phones.

Managin your back office process (Carriers & Brokers)
In this session we will show you some short cuts, best practices, and techniques for streamling various processes in your back office operations, including reconciliation tasks.

Managing Your EDI (Carriers & Brokers)
Your EDI performance is crucial to your company's image with your customers. There are many things you can do to improve and sustain your EDI performance, and in this session, we will share a number of the best practices you can implement today.

McLeod IQ (Carriers & Brokers)
McLeod IQ is the most powerful business intelligence solution in the transportation industry. Learn about the new financial analysis and reporting module as well as other recent enhancements.

McLeod IQ Idea Exchange (Carriers & Brokers)
In this session, our current customers are invited to come share their ideas for improving and expanding the product.

Mergers and Acquisitions, Preparation & Aftermath (Carriers & Brokers)
An expert panel will bring different perspectives to a robust discussion of this important topic in the life of many companies today. We will present the perspectives of the investors/buyers, acquirers, analysts, and investment bankers along with a few CFOs who have lived it.

Mixing Financial and Operational Data in Your Company Analytics and Reporting (Carriers & Brokers)
Our panel of transportation industry CFOs will discuss their approach to mixing financial and operational data in the analysis that they and their management teams consume. They will share their best practices and insights on “how to.”  Our panelists will also explain how they are trying to keep variances from impacting decisions, and how they work to give their management confidence in the numbers.

More Logix Solutions for Business Process Automation (Carriers & Brokers)
In this session, our Logix Solutions team will introduce a number of new products, including Driver Load Selection, which lets owner operators or company drivers select their next load from a short list of choices offered by the planner. Learn about Documents on Demandm which makes what you are looking for instantly available, Brokerage Document Capture for carriers, a Driver Record document repository, where you can transmit trip related documents and load permits out to the driver, and the new Electronic Driver’s Lounge, where you can share driver centric information such as news, training videos, best practice information, and other things important to your drivers.

Reporting with McLeod IQ (Carriers & Brokers)
McLeod IQ, our new data warehouse and business intelligence solution, is the easiest tool McLeod customers have ever had for custom reporting and analysis. In this session, we will show you how it works and open your eyes to the all the possibilities it presents.

Setting Up Revenue and Expense Allocation(Carriers & Brokers)
In this session, we will show you how to set up the Revenue and Expense Allocation in your McLeod system, and how it can be used in reporting.

Transportation Intermediaries Association Update (Logistics)
In this session, you will learn about the latest developments both on the legislative and regulatory fronts from the TIA. (Carriers & Brokers)
Come learn about the latest products and integration solutions from

Using FlowLogix to Build Your Own Business Process Automation Solutions (Carriers & Brokers)
McLeod FlowLogix, when purchased with the editor, is a powerful tool both carriers and brokers can use to build their own business process automation and workflow solutions. Several McLeod customers will share how they have done this and lessons learned along the way.

Using Lane Analysis and Profitability Analysis to Influence Your Strategic and Tactical Decisions (Carriers)
Are you serving the right customers? How do you know? Several McLeod customers will share how using lane and profitability analysis drives the choices they make.

Using McLeod Anywhere (Carriers & Brokers)
This session will include an overview of the capabilities, best practices, and practical uses for the McLeod Anywhere product.

Using McLeod Pricing and Bid Management (Carriers & Brokers)
Learn how to set up and use the McLeod Pricing & Bid Management module to become more efficient in your bid responses and far more effective in making the pricing decisions that go into those responses.

Using the Newest Version of Responsibility Filtering to Segment Your Users, Agents, Terminals, and Divisions (Carriers & Brokers)
In this session, our trainers will help you learn how to use the newest version of Responsibility Filtering within your LoadMaster or PowerBroker system. Discover some of the best ways to use it for segmenting and segregating users and operations within your company.

Women in Trucking Update (Carriers & Brokers)
How can you increase the percentage of women in your company? From driver to CEO, women are under-represented in the trucking industry. Find out why women don't look at careers in transportation and how your company can attract and retain more women.

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