FlowLogix Sets New Standards for Workflow and Business Process Automation Technology

This New Product Empowers Dramatic Boosts in Efficiency

McLeod’s FlowLogix, our recently released workflow and business process automation (BPA) tool, offers powerful support for growth and overall business success. Carriers, brokers, and 3PLs who want to reach the top of their game cannot afford to ignore the efficiency gains that come from this software.

FlowLogix is a module that works with both LoadMaster and PowerBroker, and it features capabilities that build upon the imaging and rendition billing functionality that comes with DocumentPower. By combining a paper-driven workflow engine and a business-process-automation engine in one product, FlowLogix enables new advances in business efficiency.

Billing and Settlements Are a Snap

FlowLogix allows companies to automate the billing and settlements process so that staff involvement is either kept to a minimum or eliminated entirely. As load documents are indexed into the system, FlowLogix monitors the load status. If items are missing, the tool can be programmed to prod people to find and submit the needed documents. Once FlowLogix determines that all required documents are collected and the billing requirements are met, the order can be auto-rated, then transferred for rendition billing and settlements. All of these actions are automated and proceed at any time of the day or night, so everything is executed without delay and without the risk of human error.

Loads Get Tendered without a Touch

FlowLogix can be set to respond as soon as an order arrives through EDI within PowerBroker. The tool will evaluate available carriers, determine which carrier will provide the best rate, and offer the tender to this carrier via EDI. If the carrier accepts, the load is set into motion within PowerBroker. If the carrier rejects it, FlowLogix offers it to the next carrier on the list. The entire process can be automated so that no user intervention is required.

Contracts Are Completed with Ease

When handled manually, many hours can be spent getting contracts for drivers, carriers, and customers completed. Through the use of contract templates, FlowLogix provides a mechanism for automating the contract completion and signing process. The tool will know which parties have completed which portions of each contract and how to prompt people to address uncompleted tasks. The contract is visible throughout its lifecycle, so the user sending it out can see where it is at every point along the way. Once the contract is completed, FlowLogix can enter it into the system.

Flowchart Interfaces and Process Simulations Simplify Customization

Given that business processes can differ from company to company and from customer to customer, FlowLogix gives users the power to tweak workflows and automations. Processes can be simulated before being implemented. Once implemented, the flowchart-based user interface simplifies the work of investigating why a particular action was taken within a designed process by providing a step-by-step execution trace. FlowLogix’s ability to visually design and test workflows sets new standards for customization and ease of implementation.

McLeod FlowLogix Will Rock Your World

Workflow and BPA software have become indispensable for business success in today’s competitive market. If you want the best tool available, find out more about FlowLogix. It will rock your business world. We guarantee it.

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