EDI Solutionjs

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is computer-to-computer communication of business documents between companies. McLeod Software's EDI engine is a fully integrated part of the LoadMaster® and PowerBroker dispatch and trucking software systems, built “from the ground up” by our development team - not a bolt-on aftermarket solution. The EDI system is also a user-configurable engine, not a hard-coded custom solution. These characteristics allow us to offer your trucking business unparalleled EDI communication capabilities.

McLeod's implementation of EDI allows for data validation, before transmission, according to trading partner requirements, so you deliver transmissions specifically tailored to each individual trading partner.

Another advantage many of our customers find is the ability of the McLeod EDI solution to use either Value Added Networks (VANs) or direct connections on a case-by-case basis. This allows many of our customers to implement EDI solutions without incurring the cost of a VAN. 

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