Improved MPG is at the top of every carrier’s operational goals, along with outstanding customer service. The LoadMaster® ETA/Out-of-Route module gives you the ability to identify the loads or customers that might have a potential service failure due to a late arrival or to out-of-route miles.

Using the real-time capability of the LoadMaster system, the ETA/Out-of-Route calculations are identified by changes to a tractor’s mobile comm position, check call record additions or manual stop updates. Alerts notify dispatchers of those loads/drivers that may need attention. Then ETA/Out-of-Route provides specific details, such as how unloading and driver break times are factored into a new ETA.

The status feature allows dispatchers to acknowledge and assign user-defined causes to late stops (such as weather, traffic, accident) to eliminate possible confusion as to whether the late status is new or existing. Detailed alerts categorized by driver, route or dispatcher let responsible personnel know the reason trucks are late for their scheduled stops or are out of their recommended route, as well as what action was taken.

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