Freight Management Solutions

LTL/TL Mode Optimization

Shipping massive amounts of freight can bring all kinds of challenges. What do you do with all of the freight orders that don’t fit nicely into your standard truckload runs? There are all kinds of issues around quantity, pick-up times, delivery times, pick-up locations, delivery destinations, and more. You may need to use LTL carriers or continuous-move runs. At times intermodal is the best choice. It’s endlessly complex.

This is where an optimization tool can be golden. The Mode Optimization tool within McLeod FMS sorts all of this out for you. You set the parameters based on your business needs, provide the order data, and let the tool work its magic. The Mode Optimization tool makes it possible to compare dedicated, continuous moves, pool points, and mode shift LTL to TL. You can run “what if” scenarios to see which is the best fit for your network. This ensures that you will be removing as much waste as possible.

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