Trucking Detention Software

With the onset of even tighter hours-of-service rules, driver detention for loading and unloading will continue to become a more important issue for truckers. In real-time, the LoadMaster® Automated Driver Detention module notifies you of potential detention problems. Using either fax or email, it automatically notifies your customers of a shipment’s arrival and any potential detention problem. It can then let them know: that detention charges (where applicable) have started to accrue; of the tractor’s departure; and the detention charges that were added. Because it is linked with your mobile comm system, the Driver Detention module supplies the reporting detail you need to collect on detention claims when it is possible. You can extract detention information stored in your system and identify detention trends by customer or location.

Once the detention frequent offender accounts or consignee locations are identified, you can address the problem with those customers, seek rate relief or possibly decide to seek more profitable freight.

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