Optional Modules for LoadMaster

The LoadMaster system comes with the ability to add up to 30 vital functional modules and more than 75 mature, fully-tested, integration products for other transportation management and trucking industry solutions ranging from mobile communications to vehicle maintenance management.

Optional modules include:

  • ACE e-Manifest
  • Agent Access for Truckload
  • Automated Driver Detention Module
  • Container for Truckload
  • Document Imaging
  • Driver Scorecard Module
  • EDI Module
  • Electronic Report Management
  • ETA/Out-of-Route
  • Forms Recognition
  • Internet Module (web portals)
  • Mobile Communications GPS Fuel Tax Module
  • Partial Shipments Module
  • Private Notification Network
  • Profitability Analysis Module
  • Rapid Alert Notification System (RANS)
  • Rendition Billing
  • Rendition Settlements
  • Responsibility Filtering Module 
  • Smart Phone Module
  • Symphony Mobile Communications
  • Workflow & Business Process Automation
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