Freight Brokerage Software

McLeod Software has assembled the most comprehensive software solution available for freight brokers in the trucking industry. Boasting highly advanced software, exclusive market places and a variety of sophisticated modules, McLeod has everything you need to keep your business running in an efficient and profitable manner.

PowerBroker is the most advanced software solution available for freight brokers. PowerBroker offers a fully integrated freight brokerage operations management system and a complete accounting software solution all in one package, from one company. Learn more

PowerBroker LTL

We are happy to introduce an entirely new module for PowerBroker that brings a complete set of LTL brokerage capabilities into the system. PowerBroker LTL includes the ability to give your customers LTL rating, quotes, and ordering through the system you know, and makes those capabilities available through your customer internet portal. Learn more

McLeod Container Module

The McLeod Software Container module allows you to manage intermodal operations by tracking all container and chassis movements, exposing possible late return charges, rental fees, and tracking return/last free days. Because the container dispatch functions and live container information are integrated your McLeod system, everyone has access to the same information, and it flows seamlessly from order entry to planning to billing and settlements. Learn more


Our application software has the strongest EDI component in the industry. Our EDI solutions were developed from the ground up as a native part of our products.  We also offer the full array of services to help our customers succeed. Learn more

LogixSolutions Carrier Onboarding

LogixSolutions Carrier Onboarding gives brokers an automated software solution that delivers carrier qualification and management in one tool. We developed this solution not only to automate the onboarding process but also to make it easier for your carriers to do business with you - they no longer have to print out forms, fill them out and fax them back. Learn more

LogixSolutions eRate Confirmation

McLeod’s new LogixSolutions eRate Confirmation simplifies the rate confirmation process with carriers by creating an electronic form to capture, record, and automate the workflow process. With this solution, you can send your carrier a web link to complete the rate confirmation. Once they hit submit, all of their data flows into your fields within McLeod Software’s PowerBroker, and sets the status so that you visually know the rate confirmation process is complete. It eliminates the need for further data entry, so you don’t waste time entering that data or risk data-entry errors. Learn more

Market Insight

Market Insight is a private pricing index and marketplace available only to McLeod Software customers running LoadMaster and/or PowerBroker. It collects pricing data every evening to deliver one of the best and most meaningful sources of current lane pricing information available in our industry. Learn more

McLeod IQ

We developed McLeod IQ to provide insight into key indicators that are important to your business. With IQ Solutions, you have the ability to access and analyze LoadMaster, PowerBroker and 3rd Party data simply using Microsoft Excel, or with a wide variety of popular reporting tools. Learn more



McLeod Software's Private Notification Network (PNN) provides automated posting of available orders or loads and tractors to preferred partners based on a set of predetermined profiles established by you. This allows you to automate the process of sending information on available orders or loads to selected carriers via email or fax as needed. Learn more

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