Rapid Alert Notification System (RANS)

RANS empowers your business to address potential issues as they happen, so you can take action before any issue becomes a major problem. Taking the form of a message window alert, e-mail message or custom audible notification, RANS sends an alert to relevant parties based on your defined exceptions detected throughout the LoadMaster® Enterprise or PowerBroker system. For example, RANS can be configured to alert you when load tenders are sent and/or received, when the ETA of a tractor is not met or it is out of route, when EDI errors happen, when the order’s empty distance exceeds the defined error threshold and when other significant events occur. Customers can also add, update or create their own custom alerts.

The RANS system helps customers focus on revenue priorities and cost reduction initiatives by generating early awareness and detection of problems. It enables your management teams to truly manage by exception, because the important exceptions become visible immediately.

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