At Last...Get real, Effective, Economical Fuel Optimization

McLeod Software’s FuelMizer, powered by ProMiles®, is a proven and affordable fuel optimization solution for proactively managing your fueling costs along each prescribed dispatch route.

Minimize the daily cost of fuel purchased for each and every tuck in your fleet.

The comprehensive FuelMizer software turns what would otherwise be a daunting mathematical challenge for one truck, much less an entire fleet, into an automated calculation that determines the most cost-effective fuel stop recommendations for each truck in a fraction of a second. Using information from LoadMaster®, FuelMizer monitors all the fuel pump prices along each tractor’s planned route, its current fuel level, tank capacity and fuel economy, as well as factors in fuel taxes and volume discounts. You’ll receive optimized fuel purchase and route plans at the time of dispatch or integrated through your mobile comm system.

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