DocumentPower Enterprise

Another major point of differentiation of our business process automation and management solution is its integration of documents and ability to manage images. McLeod’s DocumentPower Enterprise includes the ability to scan, index, retrieve, annotate, fax, email and FTP any document.

Once documents are delivered, DocumentPower handles the task of indexing and classifying these documents for you, so they can flow to the various workflow queues. Then through the McLeod Forms Recognition System, the index information and document types are automatically lifted and identified.

DocumentPower includes an array of additional functions that support the electronic document management process:

  • McLeod Terminal Kiosk Scanning offers alternative to truck stop scanning that allows drivers to scan their own documents from locations/terminals installed with very small and convenient scanning kiosks.
  • Print to Imaging is a virtual printer that allows users to print any document directly to the imaging environment without the need to print it to paper, then scan it or convert it to a PDF.
  • Fax to Imaging imports faxes directly to the imaging and workflow environment and indexes them.
  • Email to Imaging allows images to be emailed as attachments and moved directly into imaging or remote indexing.
  • Driver Log Extractor leverages our imaging system to allow users to scan driver logs along with other trip documents without the need to manually separate the logs.
  • DocumentPower allows authorized users secure access to all their authorized imaging filing cabinets over the web. Customers can look up their PODs (proofs of delivery) on file without calling customer service; drivers can look up their own settlement summaries without calling the payroll department.
  • DocumentPower allows a company to design its own document retention plan. Customers can automate the purging of documents based on different criteria.
  • Workflow Reports provide multiple views into the workload for all the different workflow tasks that are active in a company. The reports can expose bottlenecks that require redistribution or redesign of certain workflow tasks.
  • Imaging Productivity Reports measure an imaging customer’s productivity and determine whether additional scanners are needed to boost their productivity.
  • Bank and Receivables Financing (Factoring) Interfaces provide a crucial part of the business process automation solution that many of our customers implement. McLeod supports the industry’s largest suppliers.
  • In-cab Scanning is provided to McLeod via integration with some of the most popular solutions on the market today.

In short, we provide automation tools from A to Z to assist in turning an organization’s manual tasks into machine or software tasks and then taking what remains of the manual tasks and making them more efficient.


At the heart of our business process automation and management solution is the McLeod Workflow product. This system provides a framework for the creation of diverse workflow applications that interact with both people and a variety of systems. The workflow engine is data driven, so it can support complex and long workflows with great accuracy, tracking every task and status. The workflow system is rule based. This means it can communicate with virtually any database or software application to evaluate and make automated business decisions based on a predetermined set of user-defined business rules.

Additionally the McLeod Workflow product offers a performance measurement and business process monitoring tool. This capability allows you to monitor, measure and benchmark the status, timeliness and overall performance of any business process — at all times. This is key in helping you prevent process breakdowns, manage exceptions easily and strive toward continuous improvement in the business processes you choose to automate and manage.

Rendition Processing

McLeod Rendition Processing employs our imaging, workflow and business process automation tools to automate the production and delivery of the summaries and supporting documents for billing, carrier settlement and driver settlement. This automation eliminates the costs associated with labor, printing and postage while literally cutting days off the processing time. The necessary documents are imported directly into imaging and rendition processing, eliminating the need to print, scan and index. The user is able, from the McLeod workflow tool, to indicate which documents to send with the appropriate summary on a load-by-load basis.

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