Handle Your Rate Confirmations with LogixSolutions

McLeod’s new LogixSolutions eRate Confirmation simplifies the rate confirmation process with carriers by creating an electronic form to capture, record, and automate the workflow process.

With this solution, you can send your carrier a web link to complete the rate confirmation. Once they hit submit, all of their data flows into your fields within McLeod Software’s PowerBroker, and sets the status so that you visually know the rate confirmation process is complete. It eliminates the need for further data entry, so you don’t waste time entering that data or risk data-entry errors. 

Make Your Fax Machine Obsolete!

  • With one click, dispatch sends out a rate confirmation e-mail.
  • The carrier follows a link to a secure website where the rate is accepted or declined.
  • The carrier gets a confirmation number, and the planner sees the load has been accepted.

What Our Customers are Saying:

“This is probably one of the most game-changing products that I’ve seen. It’s a product that will help every single broker that has PowerBroker. The inefficiency of faxing rate confirmations isn’t just an A.M. Transport issue; it’s an industry-wide problem. But as more and more brokers and carriers increase their use of the technology available today, there’s an opportunity for the entire industry to move toward higher levels of efficiency and service.”
– David Abell, Director of Information Technology for A.M. Transport Services, Inc.

According to Karmel Dabner, Executive Assistant for Meadow Lark Agency, the company saves time, prevents errors, and keeps the rate confirmation process from getting accidentally sidetracked or ignored. “By automating the process, we know that most of the rate confirmations we send out will be handled without delay,” she says. “We save time and labor. The status of each load on our system screen automatically changes when a carrier accepts a rate. We have to have that confirmation before we will allow loads to be dispatched, and previously this was done manually. The form automatically gets scanned in and that’s also something that was previously done manually. So we’re not having to do any of that. Automation also minimizes the opportunity for human error. It probably saves about an hour a day per person.”

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