Mobility Breakout Sessions


Geotab (Carriers)
Come learn about the last products and integration solutions from Geotab.

KSM Benchmark Program (Carriers)
In its fourth year, the McLeod/Katz, Sapper & Miller (KSM) benchmark program continues to shed light on the range of operational performance levels against different metrics. In this session, Tim Almack of KSM will share some insights from the 2016 study.

Managing HOS and Planning in the Era of the ELD Mandate (Carriers)
What are the secrets to not losing capacity, keeping your drivers moving, and doing the best job of planning in the ELD environment? Join us for this informative panel discussion with several McLeod customers.

Platooning! (Carriers)
Come hear about the technology and working concepts that might bring truck platooning to a highway near you. In this session, we will hear from the folks working on this concept and the technology needed to support it.

Successful LTL Brokerage (Logistics)
In this customer panel discussion, several companies will share their insights on integrating LTL brokerage into their operations and lessons they have learned.

The Demographics of Driver Management (Carriers)
In this session, we will discuss the important aspect of demographics, and how it impacts the way you need to manage in the era of a changing driver workforce. Join us for this lively panel discussion.

The Smart Truck as a Client (Carriers)
As tractors get more sophisticated, and their internal systems grow in capabilities, we expect to see the "tractor as a client" arriving for your McLeod LoadMaster system long before the real autonomous truck arrives. In this session, we will share some over the horizon concepts that may be closer than you think for turning that driver and tractor into real direct users in LoadMaster.

Using Advanced Planning to Optimize Your Network and Operations (Carriers)
In this session, carriers will discuss how they have optimized their planning process using the Manhattan Associates tools, and share the impact it has had on their network.

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