Pricing and Bid Management

Bidding on lanes eats up valuable time and frequently involves too much guesswork.

Carriers, brokers, and logistics providers are eager to win the bids, but at what cost? How much time is too much to spend poring over spreadsheets? Even after investing hours into responding to an RFP, are the numbers on target? Did you go after the right lanes?

McLeod’s new Pricing and Bid Management module gives you a powerful Workbench tool that helps reduce the burden of work required by RFPs, while also ensuring that your bid numbers are on the money. This exciting new piece of software delivers these key advantages:

Work with a consolidated global view. The bid data from the shipper can be imported into the Workbench, which accommodates different RFP formats. Capacity can be entered in several different styles to support the shipper’s preferences. The Workbench tool gives you a global view across all lanes and bids. This encompassing visibility into every aspect of the bid is a dramatic improvement over the standard practice of using multiple spreadsheets.

Access the wealth of LoadMaster or PowerBroker data. The vast store of data plus the great features and functionality of LoadMaster or PowerBroker are at your disposal as you work the bid.

Conduct lane analysis. Since you have so much valuable data within the McLeod system, we let you maximize your order history to compare lanes and pricing. With the use of the Rate Index module, you have quick views of comparative distances and rates from TransCore, Internet Truckstop, and McLeod Exchange.

Use actual mileage instead of bid mileage. Within the Workbench, you can convert bid mileage to a common mileage platform. This gives you an easy way to compare bid mileage with actual mileage and arrive at more accurate cost figures.

Track lanes as they are awarded. Awarded lanes can be tracked and linked to customer rates right within the system.

Keep a history of your bids. Every RFP is stored within the Workbench for cross reference. This makes it possible to view and compare what you bid for any lane in the past.

Manage your RFP workflow. Responding to multiple RFPs at the same time can be a juggling act. The module simplifies this by providing a basic workflow tool. You can see at a glance exactly how much work has been done on each bid and when each is due.

All of these features come together providing more control over the RFP process. You will be able to complete your bids in less time and with greater confidence. You will save money on labor while protecting your profit on awarded lanes.

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