Freight Telephone Software

This new module for LoadMaster and PowerBroker creates an interactive interface with digital office telephone systems.

Outbound calls are as simple as clicking on the number inside the system; the phone will autodial.

For inbound calls, each individual LoadMaster or PowerBroker user can be configured based on their role. The telephone system integration module will read the inbound caller identification information and the destination extension to determine the correct context for the call. It will then provide pop-up menu buttons for the user based on this context.

The pop-up menu buttons appear on the user’s screen and allow the user to select from several options specific to this context for the call, even before they have answered. Based on the user’s selection, the appropriate screens and tabs will then open and populate on the user’s screen.

The context identified for the inbound number can be a customer, a shipper, a carrier, a carrier driver, a company driver. Depending on the role of the person being called, the system may offer buttons for the user to pull up different functions and populate them. These functions include orders, locations, movements, customer/carrier/driver master files, call-in screens, and planning or dispatch screens.

The speed at which inbound calls can be managed, and the appropriate information can be populated based on context, saves significant time and keystrokes for handling those calls and getting the appropriate information at the user’s fingertips.

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