Choose the Right Carriers 

February 21, 2:00pm CST

Jonathan May, Director of Product Marketing, McLeod Software
Nita Wallace, Business Analyst, McLeod Software
Ashley Grosch, Operations Manager, OverDrive Logistics

McLeod's new Carrier Scorecard module gives you a comprehensive measurement system for evaluating carrier performance. The system uses up to 14 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to identify, rank, and score each carriers’ performance and includes a broker rating screen where you can setup and capture subjective measurements after the carrier has been dispatched. Not only does the Carrier Scorecard let you keep up with carrier performance, it puts this information in all the right places in your PowerBroker system so the carrier scores are highly visible at the point of decision for all of your team members.

Learn how OverDrive Logistics is using the module to evaluate carrier performance, assign carriers, and help their dispatchers make better decisions.

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